Salt Lake Recording Service
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We Are A Full Production Recording Studio in Downtown Salt Lake City

Authenticity has become the exception in modern music, not the norm. The unending quest for a big, perfect sound has left the vast majority of the music produced in the last ten years cold and limp, a lifeless shell of the sweat soaked live show, where energy and emotion ooze from every pore. Somewhere in the journey from live show to studio or home recording, this electric quality is often lost. Our overriding goal is to help the artists who employ our studio maintain the power and integrity of their music. We accomplish this by recording as live as possible. To that end we have spent a great deal of time designing and building our studio. We have a large live room, a smaller isolation room, a tight isolation booth, and two reverb chambers – – one large and one small. In order to maintain that live sound without sacrificing “bigness”, we use some of the best equipment from the golden age of recording – the late fifties through the early seventies. We use this gear in conjunction with modern, digital systems that enable us to be as efficient as possible, thereby minimizing down time and maintaining the flow that is so important to making powerful music.

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